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United Power and ENGIE Complete 4 MW Energy Storage System

Randy Sukow / Dec 20, 2018

This week, NRTC member United Power unveiled its 4 MW, 16 MWh storage facility in Firestone, CO. At a ribbon-cutting event, United Power announced it had begun operation of what is being called the “largest Lithium-ion battery storage installation in Colorado.” ENGIE North America (formerly SoCore Energy), NRTC’s solar and battery storage partner, was the primary contractor.

“ENGIE’s ability to effectively develop, construct, and integrate multiple suppliers, technologies, and systems into the project was critical for us … We are excited to add this storage capability to our operations which will help us reduce costs and improve reliability for our members. Our collaboration with ENGIE was essential to making this project a reality,” said Jerry Marizza, United Power’s director of New Business Development.

Brad Seibert, NRTC’s VP, Next-Generation Energy, attended the event and took this photo. Pictured left to right: Robert Maxwell, director of Engineering, United Power; Madeleine Klein. managing director, Policy & Market Strategy, ENGIE; John Parker, CEO at United Power, and André Canguçu, ENGIE’s chief business development officer.

The utility plans to use the storage capacity to shave hours during peak energy price periods. Based on usage about 60 times a year, United Power estimates it will save $1 million annually and pay for the system within eight years. United Power also is developing an online dashboard to control battery usage. It plans to fully integrate the dashboard with its demand management system to generate further savings.

Earlier in 2018, ENGIE installed several Tesla batteries at the Firestone site, and completed preparations for operation. In addition, United Power has plans to install a second, smaller Tesla battery set (0.5 MW/4 MWh) at its headquarters in Brighton, CO.

NRTC-member rural electric providers who would like to talk to ENGIE about designing a similar money-saving facility should contact their local regional business managers or contact us online.

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