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Strengthen Your Network, Empower Communities

Whether it’s carried by fiber, delivered through a wireless connection or beamed from a satellite, NRTC is your key to broadband. We can help you start a broadband network from scratch or optimize the one you currently have. Either way, we’ll help you make the most of that network through smoother operation and smarter monetization.

We’ll work with you to evaluate, plan, design, and manage the build of a fiber, wireless or hybrid (fiber/wireless) network to bring broadband to homes and businesses requiring high-speed Internet solutions. And, we help you make that project sustainable by supporting your launch and providing essential services critical to your network’s on-going operations. We partner with electric and telephone members across rural America to implement successful FTTH and satellite broadband projects. 

Our members are all different, and therefore, they have different needs for broadband. While a total fiber build-out might work well for one member, a hybrid fiber, wireless and satellite system might work better for another. NRTC is here to help you build the network you want. You can complete construction with your own team and equipment, or we can help you find the right vendors for your needs.
The first step in creating your network is planning for it, but the second step is building it and building right. We have an experienced team to help guide you through construction, assisting with everything from selecting the right vendors to procuring equipment. We also help make sure that when you launch your network, you do so with smart marketing strategies.
We are pioneers in the satellite Internet industry, and it’s a service we’re proud to continue to offer to you today. We work with the big satellite firms, and you get the latest generation of satellite Internet technology for your remote customers.
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