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Metering Networks

Multiplatform Metering Tools

A powerful tool, wireless advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) allows you to gather data rapidly and efficiently from all corners of your service area. This accurate, real-time data helps provide better and more affordable service, and when an outage occurs, real-time communication between the utility and the field staff ensure the swiftest path to energy restoration.

To fit your specific AMI requirements, we can integrate a wide range of utility meters into networks that connect user homes and businesses. We have the experts on staff to design the most efficient network, whether you choose a wireline, fixed wireless or mesh links. We’ll configure the right infrastructure and supply the right software to keep track of all your technical and human assets. 

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Building the Foundation of Smart Grid

NRTC has deployed nearly 3.5 million AMI endpoints, using a variety of technologies and solutions. Itron Networked Solutions end-to-end IPv6 platform enables network infrastructure, software and services to enable a range of smart grid functions. Enabling two-way communications with modern electricity meters is fundamental to building the smart grid. By focusing on network first, NRTC offers you more options and flexibility to build the grid and pursue applications that best meet your needs. 

One Network for Multiple Applications

Itron Networked Solutions’ mesh network platform support multiple smart grid applications including AMI, DA, DR, gas and water, outage management, consumer engagement and smart streetlight controls. It provides an open standards-based (Wi-SUN, IPv6, IEEE 802.15.4g), flexible, scalable and secure platform that serves as the communications infrastructure for the utility’s “last mile” distribution network. It seamlessly integrates multiple radios for HAN, Neighborhood Network (NAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) into one communications network. You have added some good Itron info here; ma need to pull up a little bit. This sounds much more specific that other sections.

The system also provides a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring and reporting on your network with integrated device management, network health monitoring and capacity planning. Itron Network Solutions’ platform also offers multi-layer security with military grade encryption.

Best of all, you can use whatever electric meters you’d like. NRTC leverages our existing meter expertise to help our members select the meter solution that maximizes your grid and network. 

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