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Next-Generation Energy

Building the New Grid

Whether to preserve the environment or to lower costs, conservation is a societal goal for utilities, the government and individual citizens. To that end, we continually study the economics of alternative energy and, for several years, have invested in photovoltaic technology solutions. As these energy storage technologies mature, the economics of solar generation improve. Today, many cooperatives are realizing solid economic advantages— recent studies show that one in seven cooperatives already have begun building or planning solar projects.

All segments of current American society have shown interest in alternative energy; rural households surveyed say they would like to purchase solar energy from their local electric cooperative. We have focused on solar generation technologies that work well in rural communities.

Solar Fit for Every Cooperative

Flexibility is the central feature of NRTC’s solar solutions. NRTC has solutions for a broad range of co-op requirements—from rooftops for commercial and industrial customers to community solar gardens to multi-megawatt systems for distribution coops and G&Ts. NRTC and our partners regularly deliver systems across a range of ownership structures, including Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).  

Proven Energy Storage Solutions

NRTC offers our members integrated energy storage solutions that have a proven track record in the real world. Our battery energy storage systems (BESS) are designed to capture and store solar or off-peak electricity and discharge it at the time and manner that creates the most value. Grid-facing or behind-the-meter BESS installations can address a variety of needs in electrical transmission and distribution systems: shaving peak demand, deferring infrastructure investments, smoothing ramp rates, integrating renewable energy and regulating voltage and frequency. 

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