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A Trusted Technology Partner

NRTC’s technology focus—the reason we were founded—provides members proven solutions, from ever-expanding broadband services in rural areas to making smart grids even more efficient.

More than simply offering access to technology, NRTC offers complete solutions to meet the unique needs of each member. From selection to implementation, our experts stand by you to ensure smooth integration with existing systems.

We help you deliver fast, reliable broadband to all your customers—no matter how remote. From technology evaluation to business modeling, right through construction and daily operations, you’ll get the right model for providing high-speed service. Let us worry about managing complicated back-office systems like cloud storage, email servers and security. Our team takes care of the technology while you take care of your customers.
Operations, billing, and customer care are vital for success. Many of our members are jumping into telecommunications for the first time, and we understand just how much work it takes to prepare for and successfully operate telecommunications networks. There are a multitude of things a new operator must manage, and we here to help.
Our goal is to provide the right combination of technologies to assist all functions within a rural distribution cooperative. NRTC solutions make life easier for linemen in the field, technicians remotely monitoring systems or the manager planning deployment and financing.
Our members are providing 4G LTE service in many very remote parts of the nation. These rural providers are serving their communities efficiently and affordably without having to build a single mile of wireless infrastructure, providing their customers top-notch smartphone and tablet use.
We have more than 30 years’ experience helping our members meet their subscribers’ demands for content. From traditional programming to cutting-edge mobile device streaming, we’re here to help you grow and evolve your business as the market demands.
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