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Cybersecurity Services

The Threat is Real and Growing

The statistics are alarming and getting worse each year. Phishing is increasing exponentially, with 92.4 percent of malware delivered via email. 

Nearly a third of Security Professionals experience a cyber attack each year. And when a hacker gains access to your system, it can be difficult (and costly) to detect. The average time for a company to detect a hacker who’s penetrated their perimeter defenses is 196 days, and the average damage done is nearly $8 million. As an example, Marriott recently announced a hack that impacts as many as 500 million people. However, the intrusion began over 4 years prior. What are you doing to protect yourself from this serious and growing threat?

NovaSecure Cybersecurity Suite

Your customers put their faith in your products and services, but are you confident that their information and data is safe and secure? We’ve partnered with several of the top vendors in the industry to bring you a robust, affordable Cybersecurity Suite, designed to help you build a solid cybersecurity foundation and maintain that security in the face of constantly-evolving threats.

With our NovaSecure Cybersecurity Suite, you can assess your current status before implementing a solid cybersecurity foundation. With NovaSecure, you can create robust security and privacy policies, protect your website, stay on top of network vulnerabilities, and train your employees to recognize and avoid social engineering attacks. It's important to have a solid, thorough plan in place to combat the growing and evolving cybersecurity threats.


Gain real-time endpoint and network visibility within your perimeter defenses, so you can detect hackers before they do significant damage and ensure they’re actually gone. NetAlert monitors your network for suspicious activity and captures data needed to support incident response. This service includes 24×7 expert analysis and alerting.

Provided by our partner Dynetics

Strategic Controls Assessment

Identify your most critical vulnerabilities. Elite ethical hackers will conduct a threat-faithful, two-day evaluation to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network based on how they respond to various attack scenarios. Your staff will “be along for the ride” to get trained on attacker tactics and techniques so they’re prepared to combat these threats. At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive a list of specific corrective actions to address your most critical vulnerabilities.

Provided by our partner Dynetics

Adversarial Simulation

This threat-faithful, simulated attack goes beyond typical penetration testing. Utilizing a three-”P”-method approach (Persist, Pivot, Pilfer), ethical hackers will Persist until they’ve penetrated your perimeter defenses, Pivot to essential systems on your network, and Pilfer your critical data. [During the simulated attack, there will be no operational disruption.] After the test, you’ll receive a detailed Objective Risk Assessment to help you prepare to prevent and detect motivated attackers, collect the data needed to respond to an incident, and understand the potential impact of a successful attack on your business.

Provided by our partner Dynetics


Cyber Resilience Certification Program

Cyber threats are constantly changing. Evolve and maintain your cyber risk profile with this comprehensive program. With three tiers designed to meet your budget and needs, you’ll receive an ongoing program of audits, scans, training, testing, policies, and plans tailored to your cyber risk profile. As an added bonus, certification may reduce your insurance costs and give you a marketing advantage over your competition.

Provided by our partner Dynetics

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